To proceed with the registration process, you must:
In case of participating in competitions:
- Acrobatic registration form (provided by the school)
- student / practitioner form of the Portuguese Surfing Federation (www.surfingportugal.com) or athlete card of the Portuguese Surfing Federation (www.surfingportugal.com)
- medical certificate (certificate of physical robustness)
- Value of registration in the Portuguese Surfing Federation: 10 € - Includes the annual sport insurance- Photocopy of the B.I. (In case of being a practitioner)
- Value of the registration in the Portuguese Surfing Federation: 25,00 € -Includes the annual sport insurance - Photocopy of the B.I. (In case of being an athlete)
- In case of being underage, photocopy of the BI of the Office of Education
The payment method of these classes must be done before the same.

Payment methods:
Bank transfer

For any question related to the school, contact by phone number (+351)965743587, through our website, e-mail or Facebook.
Technical Material:
Acrobatic provides free of charge all the necessary material for the practice of the modality (board, suit, flippers)

Acrobatic is pleased to teach all students according to the level of learning

Meeting point:
The meeting point will vary depending on the state of the sea, to which students will be informed in advance of the location of the beach

Students have a tolerance of 10 minutes beyond the beginning of the class
In case of delay, the student should be informed of the place of the class and move to the same place
Classes demarcated without prior notice will be counted

Students should advise at the beginning of the competitive season to Acrobatic, which tests they wish to participate in
At all stages, there will be a value previously defined
For championships that the daily monitoring performed by a monitor is required, it will be counted as a class for each day of competition
We have surf lessons for all ages, all levels and nationalities. From people who have never seen a surfboard or the sea, even those who have had previous surfing contact yet feel completely safe in their surf and want to learn a little more technique, as well as Surf culture.
Bodyboarding is a very safe, comfortable and fun sport. At Acrobatic Wave School you can do all kinds of bodyboarding lessons for all ages and all levels of learning from beginners to pure competition. your learning in the best way possible.
Bodysurfing consists of catching waves only with the body or with a small handplane called a handplane. During its practice, it is common to use short fins (duck feet) to help catch waves and to increase the safety of the practitioner.‭
Excellent complementary sport and great for gaining endurance and a deep reading of wave and knowledge of the sea.
Bodysurfing can be practiced at the edge of the sand as in the waves of the outside.
Stand Up Paddle
The Stand Up Paddle or SUP modality as it is better known, is perfect to be practiced in our region. It allows you to easily slide over the water, a very stable board and a paddle are used to propel the movement. With Paddle you can reach more inaccessible places and enjoy moments of silence and well-being.
We promote individual or group tours in the sea and in the river for children and adults in a fun, safe and organized way.
Surf Vacations / ATL Surf:
They come on school holidays, when parents need to put their students into activities. In these activities, students have the opportunity to start and develop their surf more intensively, fun and carefree.
Surf and Bodyboard trips
Designed for all ages, it consists of trips in Portugal and Spain exploring the best spots in search of the best conditions for surfing / bodyboarding. Perfect solution to get out of the routine of day to day and to know new sites, waves and culture.You will have all the security in water and the specific technical support for each place where surfares.W surfed waves will always be accompanied by the photographic and video record.
Birthday parties:
‭ Try to invite your friends for an adrenaline-filled experience, yes ... SURF, bodyboard, bodysurf, all sea experiences in an easy, safe and fun way, everyone can do even your parents...
Our monitors prepare for you and your friends a spectacular lesson with various activities... After this, you can still play a game of football, play volleyball, skate and play various games.
Are you going to make your birthday party the same as usual?!? Try it !! :)
treino funcional
Functional training
Functional training is a type of specific physical activity, based on the pillars of core strengthening, that is, the abdominal and lumbar zone, which is very important in stabilizing our posture. Functional training improves performance and motor skills , guarantees a great capacity of motivation for the diversity of exercises and materials available for practice, improvement of the general posture, prevention of injuries and aid in motor rehabilitation.When used in a specific way, power or wave sport that you practice.

Surf classes:

  group individual
1 lesson 20€ 40€
5 lessons 75€ 150€
10 lessons 120€ 240€

Bodyboard classes: 

  group individual
1 lesson 20€ 40€
5 lessons 75€ 150€
10 lessons 120€ 240€

Bodysurf classes:

  group individual
1 lesson 20€ 40€
5 lessons 75€ 150€
10 lessons 120€ 240€

Stand Up Paddle classes:

  group individual
1 lesson 20€ 40€
5 lessons 75€ 150€
10 lessons 120€ 240€

Annual Programme:

Monthly fees: (assumes a link of at least 3 months)

* Enrolment: 10€

1x a week
(4 trainings/month)
2x a week
(8 trainings/month)
3x a week
(12 trainings/month)
4x a week
(16 trainings/month)
5x a week
(20 trainings/month)

Functional Training Classes:

Custom Training - 20€

Monthly fees: 1, 2 ou 3x a week

Material Rental:

  3 hours 1 day
SUP Board 30€ 40€
Surf Board 20€ 30€
Bodyboard 15€ 20€
Wetsuit 15€ 20€
Flippers 5€ 10€
Acrobatic Wave School has a team of experienced and passionate teachers who are able to share knowledge in this environment in a fun and safe way.
All the teachers of the school have as their mission the technical teaching of the different modalities and also the teaching of surf culture and all the values inherent to the practice of sports, as well as instilling habits of environmental awareness.